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GCG Risk Management – Code Rule 59 Consultants

If you have received a letter from the New York State Compensation Rating Board alerting you that you are now part of Industrial Code Rule 59, I would imagine that you may have a few questions. It is our hope that this blog can assist you in making sense of the program and while you are here, get a quote from GCG Risk Management to perform your Code Rule 59.

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The program is required for all New York employers whose most recent annual payroll is in excess of $800,000 and whose most recent experience rating exceeds the level of 1.2. Employers who meet these criteria are notified by the New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board of the need to undergo a Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Consultation. These notifications become effective on the day each employer receives the notice in the mail.



The consultation shall include a review of the employer’s safety program and a hazard survey of the workplace. The consultation must be performed by a consultant certified by the New York State Department of Labor. This is where GCG Risk Managements’ Team of Safety Professionals can assist you. With years of experience in both Insurance and Occupational Safety, GCG Risk Management is the obvious choice for your Consultation needs.



At the conclusion of the consultation, the consultant will submit a written evaluation to the employer. Anything listed as a Recommendation must be completed within 6 months of receiving the report. Common findings include Safety Committees, Written Safety Programs, Management Safety Programs, and the correction of Physical Safety and Health Hazards.


Policies in non-compliance receive a 5% surcharge for each year they are in non-compliance.



Table Based on Receiving the Notice on 4/2, actual timeline is based on date the notice is received.

Date of Notice: NYCIRB

April 2, 2018

30 Days to arrange a Consultant

May 3, 2018

10 Days to notify DOL

May 13, 2018

Within 75 Days report & consultation

June 16, 2018

Within 30 Days send report to DOL

July 16, 2018

Within 6 Months Comply with findings

December 13, 2018


Requesting a Quote

Numerous factors go into determining the cost of Code Rule 59 Consultations; including number of locations, size of employer, abatement services, industrial hygiene fees, and location of employer. To get a quote from GCG Risk Management request a quote and you will be contacted quickly with a quote.


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