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Insurance Underwriting and Claims Management

Marc Gnesin
Director of Operations NYC
  • Marc Gnesin is the Director of Operations of GCG Risk Management’s New York City Office
  • With over a decade of experience at GCG, Marc Gnesin manages the day to day operations of GCG’s New York City Office, including its IT operations
  • Marc Gnesin is an Expert in claims adjusting and he is the current manager of all claims operations at GCG
  • Marc Gnesin represents employer interests at Workers’ Compensation Board hearings
  • Independent claims auditor of private insurance companies and Third Party Administrators.
  • Specializes in performing experience rating audits and communicating with carriers’ claims and actuarial departments regarding the mitigation of claims.
  • Consults with employers regarding workers’ compensation claims and policy issues.
  • Licensed Insurance Broker

Bill Donato Jr.
Director of Operations GCG Upstate Region
  • Bill Donato is the Director of Operations GCG Upstate Region
  • With over 20 years of experience with GCG, Bill Donato is responsible for Employer Insurance Services Supervision including policy underwriting, payroll audit, and claims
  • Director of Business Development and Marketing
  • Licensed Insurance Broker

Sheri Kosloski
Upstate Claims Manager
  • Upstate Claims Manager, with over 18 years at GCG Risk Management, Inc.
  • First Report of Injury Intake Specialist
  • Sheri Kosloski is the Client Service Administrator on all workers’ compensation claims
  • Reviews claims prior to experience rating valuation to ensure best possible loss totals
  • Sheri Kosloski interfaces with carrier case managers to ensure best practice on all claims
  • Sheri Kosloski is responsible for the management of GCG’s own Claims Activity Report (CAR Report), providing employers with a detailed claims activity update of their cases

Lakota Collier
Underwriting Specialist
  • Formerly worked as Information Management Specialist – United States Air Force
  • With over 15 years at GCG Risk Management, Lakota Collier underwrites new and existing accounts, including obtaining quotes, policy declarations, endorsements, experience modifications, and all other correspondence
  • Lakota Collier issues quotes for new business and renewals to policyholders and brokers, including review of all new insurance applications and forms
  • Lakota manages distribution of Certificates of Insurance for workers’ compensation and disability benefits for insured and self-insured employer clients of GCG

Stephanie Stopera
Underwriting Specialist
  • Previous experience in Underwriting and Customer Service for nearly 10 years, with a national insurance carrier and regional insurance broker
  • Stephanie is an underwriting specialist, including policy endorsements, payroll audit issues, and certificates of insurance
  • Stephanie handles all GCG underwriting and marketing for non-New York Workers’ Compensation matters
  • Stephanie handles all GCG underwriting and marketing for non-State Insurance Fund business
  • Stephanie manages all Disability Benefits business for GCG, including marketing and customer service

Juliette Payne
Collections Manager/Billing
  • Juliette Payne has been with GCG Risk Management and its affiliates for over 40 years
  • Juliette Payne negotiates and renegotiates payment plans and coverages with the State Insurance Fund for employer clients of GCG
  • Juliette Payne manages all collection matters for GCG service fees
  • Juliette Payne administrates all issues involving employer policy cancellations, for non-payment of premium, or for other reasons
  • Expert in Payroll Audit, Juliette assists employers in preparation for payroll audits, as well as adjusting payroll audit issues including subcontractor insurance verification, wrap-up jobs, uncovered entities, payroll classifications, and all other related audit issues.