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Our offices are currently working remotely to keep our staff safe and healthy to help eliminate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We continue to retrieve voicemails and emails, so business is not interrupted. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Insurance Underwriting and Claims Management

Marc Gnesin
Director of Operations NYC
  • Marc Gnesin is the Director of Operations of GCG Risk Management’s New York City Office
  • With over a decade of experience at GCG, Marc Gnesin manages the day to day operations of GCG’s New York City Office, including its IT operations
  • Marc Gnesin is an Expert in claims adjusting and he is the current manager of all claims operations at GCG
  • Marc Gnesin represents employer interests at Workers’ Compensation Board hearings
  • Independent claims auditor of private insurance companies and Third Party Administrators.
  • Specializes in performing experience rating audits and communicating with carriers’ claims and actuarial departments regarding the mitigation of claims.
  • Consults with employers regarding workers’ compensation claims and policy issues.
  • Licensed Insurance Broker

Bill Donato Jr.
Director of Operations GCG Upstate Region
  • Bill Donato is the Director of Operations GCG Upstate Region
  • With over 20 years of experience with GCG, Bill Donato is responsible for Employer Insurance Services Supervision including policy underwriting, payroll audit, and claims
  • Director of Business Development and Marketing
  • Licensed Insurance Broker

Sheri Kosloski
Upstate Claims Manager
  • Upstate Claims Manager, with over 18 years at GCG Risk Management, Inc.
  • First Report of Injury Intake Specialist
  • Sheri Kosloski is the Client Service Administrator on all workers’ compensation claims
  • Reviews claims prior to experience rating valuation to ensure best possible loss totals
  • Sheri Kosloski interfaces with carrier case managers to ensure best practice on all claims
  • Sheri Kosloski is responsible for the management of GCG’s own Claims Activity Report (CAR Report), providing employers with a detailed claims activity update of their cases

Lakota Collier
Underwriting Specialist
  • Formerly worked as Information Management Specialist – United States Air Force
  • With over 15 years at GCG Risk Management, Lakota Collier underwrites new and existing accounts, including obtaining quotes, policy declarations, endorsements, experience modifications, and all other correspondence
  • Lakota Collier issues quotes for new business and renewals to policyholders and brokers, including review of all new insurance applications and forms
  • Lakota manages distribution of Certificates of Insurance for workers’ compensation and disability benefits for insured and self-insured employer clients of GCG

Stephanie Stopera
Underwriting Specialist
  • Previous experience in Underwriting and Customer Service for nearly 10 years, with a national insurance carrier and regional insurance broker
  • Stephanie is an underwriting specialist, including policy endorsements, payroll audit issues, and certificates of insurance
  • Stephanie handles all GCG underwriting and marketing for non-New York Workers’ Compensation matters
  • Stephanie handles all GCG underwriting and marketing for non-State Insurance Fund business
  • Stephanie manages all Disability Benefits business for GCG, including marketing and customer service

Juliette Payne
Collections Manager/Billing
  • Juliette Payne has been with GCG Risk Management and its affiliates for over 40 years
  • Juliette Payne negotiates and renegotiates payment plans and coverages with the State Insurance Fund for employer clients of GCG
  • Juliette Payne manages all collection matters for GCG service fees
  • Juliette Payne administrates all issues involving employer policy cancellations, for non-payment of premium, or for other reasons
  • Expert in Payroll Audit, Juliette assists employers in preparation for payroll audits, as well as adjusting payroll audit issues including subcontractor insurance verification, wrap-up jobs, uncovered entities, payroll classifications, and all other related audit issues.