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Environmental Health & Safety Services

Environmental Health & Consulting Services

A professional service offered by our Occupational Health & Safety Team (OHS)

OHS puts a special emphasis on its environmental health and safety compliance services. Always seeking to reduce our clients’ premiums, these consulting services can help improve regulatory compliance; Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Management Systems; Organizational Safety Culture and Awareness; reduce risk, exposure and liability while keeping premiums at their absolute lowest.

Our workplace Occupational Environmental Health and Safety services are tailored to the individual needs of the employer. While these environmental compliance services are generally provided to our clients.

Workplace Safety Management & Compliance Services:

We can provide guidance to navigate the following core issues:

• OSHA Compliance
• NYS Code Rule 59 Compliance
• NYS Code Rule 60 Compliance
• Assist in creating Accident & Incident Investigations & Reports
• Development of Safety Committee
• Claims Analysis & Trending
• Expert assistance in Constructing Effective Safety Incentive Programs

We can provide On-site Employee & Management Training including:

• Health & Safety Toolbox Talk Series
• Mock-OSHA Inspections

OSHA Compliance Consulting Services:

• Coaching during an On-Going Inspection
• Assistance with Negotiating & Managing Violations, Penalties & Contest
• Assistance with OSHA 300 Log Recordkeeping

We can provide Employee & Management Education in a variety of OSHA matters including but not limited to:

• Asbestos Management
• Bloodborne Pathogens – Exposure Control
• Confined Space Management
• Electrical Safety
• Emergency Planning & Disaster Preparedness
• Ergonomic & Cumulative Trauma
• Fire Extinguisher Use
• Forklift Safety
• Hazard Communication – Employee Right-to-Know
• Hearing Conservation
• Infection Control – TB, SARS, Anthrax, etc.
• Lockout/Tagout
• Machine Guarding
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Respiratory Protection
• Scaffold Safety
• Violence Prevention/Conflict Resolution
• Compliance Mgmt. Training for Senior Executives & Mgmt. Staff

Employee Health and Safety Consulting Services (EH&S):

We can provide Education and Training in the following areas of EH&S:

• DOT HAZMAT Certification
• Chemical Safety
• Pandemic Flu Preparedness
• Security & vulnerability consulting
• Disaster Preparedness
• Motivating for Safety Performance
• Workers’ Comp Insurance & Claims Management Orientation

Industrial Hygiene Consulting Services:

Assist in Assessing Workplace Exposure

• Occupational Industrial Hygiene Sampling Plans & Interpretive Reports
• Guidance to assess Occupational Indoor Air Quality Assessments
• Guidance to assess Occupational Mold Exposure
• Guidance to assess Occupational Industrial Hygiene Air & Personal Monitoring

Regulatory Environmental Compliance Services:

• NYSDEC Permitting & Inspections
• NYCDEP Permitting & Inspections
• SARA Title III Community Right-to-Know Form “R” Reporting

Assisting Clients with Integrating Job Descriptions with Workers’ Comp, Return-to-Work, FMLA, Fitness-For-Duty, ADA, HIPAA & Disability Management Systems

• Trainings related to the Role, Use & Treatment of Medical Records
• Assistance with ADAAA Compliant Job Descriptions Integration with NYS Workers’ Comp Board
• Provide feedback on Return-On-Investment of Safety & Claims Management Systems
• Best Practices Guidance for Accident Incident Reporting & Investigation, and Claims Processing Protocols
• Assist with Early Return-to-work Programs Development & Implementation
• Workers’ Comp Insurance & Claims Management Orientation