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Recognizing Over-Exposure

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Basic Health and Safety Training
Module 2 Hazard Communication & Globally Harmonized System (GHS)-
Lesson 1 Hazard Communication
Lesson 2 The Regulation Applies To:
Lesson 3 Chemical Hazards
Lesson 4 Basic Toxicology
Lesson 5 Routes of Entry into the Body
Lesson 6 Types of Toxins
Lesson 7 Recognizing Over-Exposure
Lesson 8 Safety Data Sheets
Lesson 9 The Basic Parts of A GHS-Compliant Label
Lesson 10 GHS-Compliant Labels Continued
Lesson 11 General Chemical Safety
Lesson 12 Safe Work Practices
Lesson 13 How Can I Ensure I Store Chemicals Properly?
Lesson 14 Hazard Communication - Eye Wash Tips
Lesson 15 Knowledge Assessment