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An injury or illness?

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OSHA Recordkeeping Forms
Module 1 OSHA 300Logs-
Lesson 1 Introduction. OSHA Recordkeeping Forms
Lesson 2 Completing the OSHA Recordkeeping Forms
Lesson 3 Completing the OSHA Recordkeeping Forms, Cont'd.
Lesson 4 Cases Recording
Lesson 5 An injury or illness?
Lesson 6 Work Related Cases
Lesson 7 A work-related injury or illness
Lesson 8 OSHA Form 300
Lesson 9 OSHA Form 300, Cont'd.
Lesson 10 Recording Criteria
Lesson 11 OSHA Form 301
Lesson 12 OSHA Form 300A
Lesson 13 OSHA Form 300A, Cont'd.
Lesson 14 Recordkeeping
Lesson 15 Immediate Reporting
Lesson 16 Resources