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Kitchen Safety

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Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Objectives
Module 2 Preventing Burns and Fires
Lesson 1 Preventing Burns and Fires
Lesson 2 Preventing Burns1
Lesson 3 Preventing Burns2
Lesson 4 Preventing Burns3
Lesson 5 Preventing Burns4
Lesson 6 Preventing Burns5
Lesson 7 Preventing Fires
Module 3 Preventing Falls & Falling Objects
Lesson 1 Preventing Falls & Falling Objects
Lesson 2 Preventing Falls
Lesson 3 Preventing Falls & Falling Objects1
Lesson 4 Preventing Falls & Falling Objects2
Lesson 5 Preventing Falling Objects
Module 4 Preventing Cuts
Lesson 1 Preventing Cuts1
Lesson 2 Preventing Cuts2
Lesson 3 Preventing Cuts3
Lesson 4 Preventing Cuts4
Lesson 5 Preventing Cuts5
Module 5 Preventing Electrical Shock
Lesson 1 Preventing Electrical Shock1
Lesson 2 Preventing Electrical Shock2
Lesson 3 Preventing Electrical Shock3
Lesson 4 Preventing Electrical Shock4
Lesson 5 Preventing Electrical Shock5
Lesson 6 Preventing Electrical Shock6
Module 6 Preventing Choking
Lesson 1 Preventing Choking
Module 7 Survey
Lesson 1 Course Survey
Module 8 Conclusion
Lesson 1 Thank You!

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