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Gnesin, Cates & Grimm – Workers’ Compensation Services

Accountants, attorneys, insurance brokers, and consultants often seek advice and counsel for their clients regarding issues of Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Claims, or Law. Gnesin Cates & Grimm serves as a resource to these professionals.

New York State Safety Group Managers retain Gnesin, Cates & Grimm to provide risk management services to their Safety Group members. The Safety Group Managers who retain Gnesin, Cates & Grimm include: Agri-Services Agency, Diarylea Cooperative (Safety Group #583), Hunts Point Terminal Produce Association (Safety Group #522), New York State Automobile Dealers (Safety Group #430), and Irving Weber Associates, Stationers’ Association of New York (Safety Group #541).

Consulting Services Include:
• Review of loss-sensitive plans includes review and negotiation of open case reserves to reduce a premium or create a premium credit.
• Review of experience ratings include review and negotiation of open case reserves to improve an experience modification.
• Insurance classification review of possible misclassification of payroll includes payroll audit preparation and review.
• Collection matters involving The New York State Insurance Fund, including negotiation and settlement.
• Workers’ Compensation Board compliance fines, including negotiation, settlement of fines, and penalties.
• Other legal matters including assistance in insurance.

Types of Clients:
• Accountants
• Associations
• Attorneys
• Consultants
• Insurance Brokers