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Workers Compensation Consulting and Broker Partnerships

Extend your solution scope and revenue streams

Insurance brokers may seek a market for their clients’ Workers Compensation coverage. In such instances, the GCG Risk Management office may share a referral fee with a broker, either on a one-time basis or a recurring fee. The following programs are open to insurance brokers:

  • Truckmen’s Compensation Safety Group
  • NYS Hospitality & Tourism Association
  • NYS Furniture Manufacturing Industry
  • NYS Food Products
  • General Building Contractors of NYS

Overview of Risk Management Consulting

Attorneys, accountants and insurance consultants often seek advice and counsel for their clients regarding issues of Workers Compensation insurance, claims, or law. Gnesin Cates & Grimm serves as a resource to these professionals. We partner to provide risk management consulting services to their clients, in the area of Workers Compensation Claims, Safety and Law.

Specific Consulting Services:
  • Group managers of New York State Insurance Fund safety group programs often retain Gnesin Cates & Grimm to provide risk management consulting to their safety group members, in the areas of Workers’ Compensation Claims, Health & Safety, or Administrative Law.
  • Contingent fee review of loss-sensitive plans includes review and negotiation of open case reserves to reduce a premium liability or create a premium credit.
  • Contingent fee review of experience ratings may include review and negotiation of open case reserves to reduce an experience modification factor.
  • Insurance classification review of possible misclassification of payroll includes payroll audit preparation and review.
  • Collection matters involving the New York State Insurance Fund, including negotiation and settlement (contingent fee or flat fee.)
  • Workers’ compensation board non-compliance fines, including negotiation and settlement (contingent fee or flat fee.)
  • Other legal matters including assistance in insurance litigation.
Types of Clients:
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants